Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
(University of Delhi)

Accredited by NAAC with A Grade


The college functions through a set of Associations and Societies in which opportunities are provided to students for showcasing their talent to grow in cultural and other co-curricular activities. These activities provide ample opportunities for students to develop and display their talents and excel in competitions at various levels.


At SBSC, we have a very vibrant cultural council managed by students under the guidance of a staff advisor. The Council aims at providing students a wide range of options of different creative forms to harness their creative and artistic skills and display their talents. In fact, the college believes in providing a lively student centric environment for their all round development. This has been appreciated by the University of Delhi and our college was presented a Good Practice Award in 2013. The vast co-operation between students groups and the faculty has enabled the Cultural Council to establish itself as one of the most popular Cultural groups in the University of Delhi.


The students under the guidance of faculty members organize several extracurricular activities under the banner of Commerce Association. The Commerce Association aims at the development of co-curricular skills amongst students. Its activities include organizing lectures by eminent personalities. National seminar, annual commerce festival - UDDYAM and inter-college quiz, debates and so on. The Department has also formed young entrepreneurs society Finance & Investment society to enhance financial literacy among students by organising seminars, workshops, Inter-college quiz, debate competition, symposium & lectures by experts


The Geography Association has always remained active in imparting up-to-date knowledge regarding latest issues to their students. The association celebrates its annual two-day Geo-fest "Vasundhara" every year in which students participate in inter-college competitions such as debates, paper presentation, poster-making, map-marking, photography, quizzes and other activities related to geographical aspects. On this occasion, "Landscape" - an annual geographical magazine is brought out by the department that showcases and brings out the talent of young geographers. The students are also taken for educational/field visits to expose them to changing ground realities in both physical and human landscape, field survey techniques for collecting various types of primary data, its analysis, and to have insights on the development of recent techniques like remote sensing and GIS at various stages from training to research applications.


The Association was formally launched at an impressive ceremony in the College premise on 2nd May, 2010 in presence of the College Principal and a large number of present and former Professors of the College with 20-25 members. With the concerted efforts of all the concerned members the strength of the alumni association has increased today to more than 1200. We have been registered under Societies Act. The smooth functioning of association is managed by elected Executive Committee consisting of professionals and faculty members of the college as per the approved rules and regulations.

The Association organised a cultural evening MOSAIC in college campus with faculty members and students. There were amazing performances by the students. Students participated in large number and interacted with alumni members and performed in various cultural programs.

The Association has instituted two scholarships of Rs. 4000/- each to deserving students of commerce as recommended by college.
Since January 2013 Association has launched Campus to Corporate Series to reach to students through variety of career talks and trainings to groom them.


The economics society comprises the entire fraternity of teachers as well as students and aims at providing a wider learning experience through various activities. It is a forum for free and informal discussions on economic issues and also encourages students to make presentations on topics of their interest. This inculcates in them a spirit of learning and enhances interest in economics as a subject. We believe that out-of-class interaction are indispensable for developing the necessary intuitive flow for the subject and make the undergraduate programme a holistic experience .

The society organises talks and seminars by eminent scholars and professionalson crucial issuesto develop perspectives and broaden the horizon of the students.

The extracurricular activitiesare an integral part of our training in economics.The annual economic festival 'Econotize' is a most popular and coveted event in Delhi University and has attracted widespread participation from colleges and institutions in Delhi.The mock United Nations conference simulating the ambiance of international economic forums like the WTO, IMF etc bring together students to engage in extensive and well researched discussion on burning issues.These have received widespread applications and acclaim across the university and colleges. Besides, innovative economic events like 'News hours' and 'Recruiters' have become famous and are testimony to the creative imagination of students working to devise activities that enhance interest and awareness in economics.

We believe that the economics society is an essential part of the department which supplements the academic efforts and has successfully ignited the spark of learning in studentsand making it an enjoyable experience.


A two day history festival Yugantar is organized every January. It provides the student with a big platform to showcase their talents and also nurture their competitive skills. Its an intra college festival where music, dance, quiz and debates have evinced enthusiastic response from students and drawn the participation of college departments other than history.


GANITAM is an annual Departmental festival organized by the Mathematics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College since2012,which includes various competitive activities for studentslike Rangoli making , Photography, Quiz, Power Point Presentation , Mask Painting and lots more all based on the theme of Mathematics.


Hindi Department is a vibrant department of SBSC. The department conducts activities engaging students and the faculty throughout the academic session. The Hindi Parishad encourages students to go beyond classroom teaching, along with developing skills to apply what they learn in the class room. The main aim of the parishad is to develop communication skills among students of Hindi literature and to equip them with skills to put forward their views. Hindi Parishad organizes many intra-department essay competitions, inter college recitation and elocution competitions & educational tours