Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
(University of Delhi)

Accredited by NAAC with A Grade

The Centre for Inclusion and Empowerment for Specially Abled Students (CIESS)

The Centre for Inclusion and Empowerment for Specially Abled Students was set up on 22.12.2022. The center aims at building aspiration among differently-abled students of the college. The centre helps in generating awareness regarding job potential in future for the students in different sectors. The center aims to generate awareness regarding their participation in the workforce by providing opportunities to them at the college level. The centre encouraged students to participate in various meetings with convener, co- convener and other faculty teachers, to discuss upon their special requirements at college level. The meetings also mobilized many other students to join for the relevant cause.

To provide empowerment and give platform to the specially abled students to perform better in careers and society

To build a society that empathizes and recognizes the talent, knowledge and skills of specially abled students and encourage them to walk on right career paths for their brighter future.

• To help specially abled students by guiding them on right career paths.

• To establish an enabling empowering and inclusive centre for these students.

• To give them platform to perform and show their creativity and skills.

The orientation program of the center was organized on 06th February 2023 from 01 PM to 02 PM at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. The main purpose of this event was to introduce the center to the differently abled students as well as to other students in the college.

There were many speakers and experts at the event to guide students. The Coordinator of CIESS, briefly introduced the center and event, Prof. Arun Kumar Attree, Principal of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, appreciated the center’s work to bring the students needing special care and other studentsof the college together. He appreciated the talents of the differently abled students which he got toknow through the paintings that were given to the guest speakers as a token of gratitude to the speakers. He also announced giving a letter of appreciation and prize money to encourage them. The paintings were made by students of different disciplines like Harish, Shashank, Ayush, and Tanisha. After that, guest speaker, Dr.Amit Kumar Sharma, HOD of the Sanskrit department at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, shared his life’s experience of being differently abled and showed the keyboard device that can type spoken words into braille and then into printing for the visually impaired and a device for hearing impaired and its frequency configuration accordingly. Then came the second guest speaker, Dr. Arvind Kumar Nehra, Consultant for Schools at MCD, he highlighted the importanceand specialization of studies in the field of differently abled. The main highlight of his speech was“helping others is the most precious work in which you get paid for your work not only with moneybut as well as with blessings of the people” and he shared his ways, on how he has been working in this field for the last 20 years and playing a significant role in the lives of differently abled. Hepleaded the audience to cooperate with the students and help them as much as possible so that theydo not feel lonely. After that another guest speaker, Mrs. Jahaanvi, Kiara Wellness Blog, she talkedabout the psychological behaviours of the people with disabilities. The main problem faced is of feeling of anonymity which needs to be changed with the full cooperation of the society and friends. Society should change their perception on people who are differently abled. The approachfor such people should be more inclusive and holistic in which empowerment should be the motto. One more speaker from the “Sakshsham”, Dr. Manisha introduced their foundation working for differently abled in different colleges of DU. In the end, Prof. Swati Rajput presented vote of thanks. As the end of the event was approaching there was a sense of satisfaction on the faces of differently abled students, teachers, volunteers and the audience. The presence of audience in thisevent is the proof that all of them are willing to help and empower each other in this noble cause.All of this made the event a huge success. However, the success story of the center was not easy and initially, it faced challenges to make students, members of the center because of the stigma attached to the disability and the sense of marginalization. The center faced problems in bringing these students together for their participation. The series of meetings were done by the convener and co convener to bring the students together and overcome the stigma. A Braill’s chess is also denoted by Dr. Rashmi Rani Anand (former faculty) to the CIESS.

Active Students volunteers: Shashank, Harish Kumar, Prince Kumar, Manish Kumar, Lavanya, MayankKumar, Pratham Chaurasiya, Sachin Yadav, Utsav.