Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
(University of Delhi)

Accredited by NAAC with A Grade


National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Transformation refers to a complete change. It signifies the essence of growth and progress. The true wealth of a nation lies not in its foreign exchange, reserves and GDP but in its citizens specially for the country like India which has majority of youth population. As you all know and should remember till our last breath that freedom is not free it takes soldiers and it’s our birthright, so it must be defended at any cost. And for the sake of our motherland it demands all youth shall undergo military training so that the services get utilised in the hour of need. This is where National Cadet Corps(NCC) comes into picture with its Vital role and promising act in the transformation of youth not necessarily an Army officer but a good citizen.

The National Cadet Corps began in the year 1917 as the “University Corps”, after many changes and overhaul through the years, it has come to be known as “National Cadet Corps” (NCC) since November 1948. NCC is projected as the largest discipline and uniformed organisation in the world with over 1 million boys and girls cadet. It is a tri service organisation comprises of Army, Navy and Air Force wings. This youth Foundation is a voluntary organisation which recruits cadets from schools and colleges even from the far flung areas of India the cadets are given basic military training in small arms 50 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, NAAC Accredited ‘A’ Grade and drill with aim to develop qualities of character, courage, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the selfless service for the motherland.

The flag of NCC consists of three colours i.e Red, Navy Blue and Light Blue which represents Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force respectively and the 17 Petals in flag indicate the 17 Directorates of NCC in India. The NCC is headed by the ‘Director General’ an officer of 3 star rank. It’s motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’ representing Unity in Diversity and it plays excellent role in transforming youth and building characters and inculcating leadership qualities. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was one of the very first colleges in the University of Delhi to enroll under ‘National Cadet Corps’ in “Delhi Directorate”, our Company i.e. 1 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Company comes under ‘4 Delhi Battalion’ in Group ‘C’ headquarter. The Company moves forward to its motto through: Development of leadership, character, enthusiasm, comradeship & spirit of sportsmanship, To create a force of disciplined life, Training for students to develop patriotism and leadership qualities among them. NCC’s training provides both physical and mental strengths. It also develops a feeling of social service and develops a adventurous spirit among all it’s cadets. NCC cadets of 1 SBSC Coy proudly participated in various camps and activities held by NCC at institution , state and national level and excelled in all of them. Our cadets showed their potential at various levels and made the college proud by their achievements. The first feather was added when Brigadier Neeraj Sharma was commissioned in the Indian Army from Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai in 1991. Since then 1 SBSC Coy is continuously stepping ahead. Our Company i.e.1 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Company has given many officers to Indian armed forces and to Paramilitary forces.

The Shaheed Bhagat Singh College NCC has been proving its excellence in every field of competition held in NCC either it is Republic Day parade, Prime Minister rally or Thal Sainik camp and represented our college in state level, national level and international level.

Till date our company has given 16 Army Officers, 3 Paramilitary officers, 7 YEP(s), 76 Roll of Honor, 4 DG Commendation and 1 ADG Commendation.

NCC In-charge of the college

Tarun Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Commerce