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Research Cell

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) recognize the significance of research, innovation, and development in ensuring the dissemination of quality education. With this understanding, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College has embarked on a commendable endeavour to establish a dedicated Research Cell. The primary objective of this initiative is to foster the generation and exchange of knowledge while also implementing a strong framework to cultivate a thriving research ecosystem within the campus.

The Research Cell serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research collaborations, within and beyond the college community. Researchers can address complex problems from diverse perspectives by breaking down traditional disciplinary boundaries, leading to holistic and innovative solutions. This collaborative approach not only enriches the research outcomes but also cultivates a multidimensional understanding of the challenges faced by society.

The Research Cell serves as a dynamic hub for promoting and fostering a culture of research and innovation. It is dedicated to encouraging faculty members and students to actively engage in research activities, collaborate with external partners, and contribute to knowledge creation.

Recognizing that research is the backbone of progress and advancement, the Research Cell provides a supportive environment where individuals can explore their intellectual curiosity and contribute to the growth of their respective fields.

In conclusion, the establishment of the Research Cell reflects the institution's commitment to promoting research, innovation, and development. It strives to create a vibrant research ecosystem that nurtures interdisciplinary collaborations, supports ethical research practices, and empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to their respective fields. Through its range of resources, grants, and initiatives, the Research Cell endeavours to cultivate a culture of research excellence, fostering a spirit of intellectual curiosity and academic exploration among the college community.


Dr. Ashwani Kumar Agnihotri
Assistant Professor,Department of Geography,

To create a favorable research environment for developing and strengthening the research ecosystem within the college, in alignment with the guidelines set forth by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

• To establish an environment that cultivates enhanced research productivity.

• To encourage collaboration between college faculty and researchers from other industries, government organizations, NGOs and other agencies at the local, national, and international levels.

• To promote research culture within the college community.

• To facilitate collaboration among researchers within the college and with external partners.

• to enhance the quality of research conducted within the college.

• to encourage and support student research by providing guidance and mentorship.

• To promote and uphold ethical standards in research.

• To disseminate research findings and promote knowledge exchange by organizing research seminars, conferences, and symposiums.

• To assist faculty members and students in securing external research funding and grants.

• To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among faculty members and students.

• To encourage faculty members to engage in research activities and supervise Ph.D programs.

• To create awareness about filing Patents & IPR (intellectual property rights).

The Research Colloquium serves as a dedicated forum for college students to present their research findings to a diverse audience of fellow students, faculty members, and researchers. This event offers an opportunity for students to share their work, engage in scholarly discussions, and receive feedback from peers and experts in their respective fields. The Research Cell encourages students from various disciplines to participate, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Through the Research Colloquium, students gain exposure to different research methodologies and emerging trends, while also developing their presentation and communication skills.

Complementing the Research Colloquium, the Research Fair is a significant event for faculty members. During this event, faculty members will have the opportunity to present their research findings through poster presentations to esteemed professors from other colleges and universities to explore and appreciate the research endeavours of the college. The Research Fair provides a platform for faculty members to exhibit their research projects, scholarly publications, and ongoing investigations. It facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities among faculty members, encouraging the exchange of ideas, research methodologies, and best practices. By inviting external faculty, the Research Fair promotes wider dissemination of knowledge and fosters connections with the broader academic community.

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